A Bit About Nuffield Bowling Club

Hello Reader and welcome to our web site.

Nuffield is a good place to join. I have been secretary for a number of years now and we have a good membership. Most people get on well – like most other places- not everyone likes everyone else.

It’s a happy place, we are all of the same mind- we love bowling and have respect for each other, that’s why it works so well.

Our subscriptions are kept to a minimum, I’m not putting  the prices here as may have to alter it all if they change!

Every three to four weeks during the season we hold in-house competitions when we play for trophies– the prize money is not fabulous as most of the money goes towards the green and building maintenance. But it’s a good afternoon out - food is provided too but you have to pay for that. We also have a raffle.

We are affiliated to British Crown Green Bowling Association and Lancashire Crown Green Bowling Association. We have three teams that play in the Mills, District and Municipal leagues. Playing for a team is not essential; the brave ones play but it’s open to anyone who cares to have a go. If you don’t wish to join the leagues- that’s ok too, social bowling in the afternoon may be just up your street.

Well, enjoy your browse on our site, contact details are available as shown, please feel free to contact anyone on the committee, we are all approachable. Many thanks for ‘having a look!’

Peggy Webster (Secretary)

On Behalf of the Committee


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